Therapeutic Specialties and Areas of Focus

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Chronic stress and related physical symptom management (Chronic pain, sleep/wake issues, overall issues that impact client’s sense of well-being)

  • Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue resolution therapy for practitioners

  • Life path development and supportive counseling for wellness professionals, students and practitioners

  • Somatic resolution therapy for physiological concerns

  • Repair and strengthening of mind, body and spirit connections

  • Grief and bereavement counseling for all ages

  • Mindfulness approaches and internal conflict resolution strategies

  • Disruptive, Impulse Control and Conduct manifestation concerns (Child and Adolescent)

  • Marriage, family and social circle counseling approaches

  • Anxiety disorders and panic attack resolution care

  • Depressive symptomology resolution and suicidal ideation

  • Neurodevelopmental symptomology

  • Substance abuse and addictive disorders

    All offerings at The Sanctuary of Growth can be attended in person at my office or online through the HIPPA compliant Doxy web conferencing platform.